Oaklands 2014

12 racers turned up for round 2. Dave Homer, who was unable to race at Dudley, due to family commitments, made the short trip to visit the new Oakland's track for the first time.. The most notable absentee was Christopher Aldridge, currently second overall due to studying for Exams. Thanks to Owen who came to help with Race Control and Dave (The Chairman) Beeching for making us all welcome

Link to Ian Howard's Youtube Video


Greg with his home track knowledge beat Dave by 7 laps.



Heat Red Blue Green Yellow            
1 Chris A 33.56 Bob 34.64 Mick 35.09 Ralph 30.53   1 Woody 36.86 36.09 36.86
2 Woody 36.86 Graham 26.52 Sandy 36.3 Ben 35.00   2 Chris T 36.58 36.84 36.84
3 Greg 30.85 Chris T 36.58 Brian 35.42 Dave 32.93   3 Sandy 35.84 36.30 36.30
4                   4 Brian 35.08 35.42 35.42
5 Mick 28.,84 Ralph 26.00 Chris A 35.12 Bob 34.53   5 Chris A 33.56 35.12 35.12
6 Sandy 35.84 Ben 34.13 Woody 36.09 Graham 29.2   6 Mick 28.,84 35.09 35.09
7 Brian 35.08 Dave 27.79 Greg 32.06 Chris T 36.84   7 Ben 34.13 35.00 35.00
8                   8 Bob 34.64 34.53 34.64
                    9 Dave 27.79 32.93 32.93
                    10 Greg 30.85 32.06 32.06
                    11 Ralph 26.00 30.53 30.53
                    12 Graham 26.52 29.20 29.20

Woody top qualified 0.02 up on Chris T, with Sandy the only other person to do 36 laps. Brian joined the top group with best 35 run score. the B group would be an all Leicester affair, with Dave, Greg, Ralph and Graham in the C group. 


The C group was easily won by Greg, having raced a Gp12  for the first time on the new track, beating Ralph by 7 laps, both Dave and Graham struggled to record 11 and 12 place. Althought at some point all four drivers lead the B group, but eventually Ben came on top, even though he started on the un-favoured Red lane, beating Chris A by 3 laps. Bob had an off with 30 seconds to go, allowing Chris to sneak through. Mick lead at half way, but struggled on the Blue/Red side of the track and was unable to beat Greg's score from the previous group. Into the A group and Brian struggled, to record only 31 laps, leaving him 4 laps of Chris T's pace. Sandy had a good run on red to lie second with Woody 3rd. Chris then put a epic run on red to record 36 laps to move himself 2 laps clear at half distance, Sandy still holding onto second with Woody 3rd. Brian had a better run on yellow, but had lost to much early on. At 3/4 distance, Chris had extended his lead to around 3 laps, with Woody closing to less than a lap on Sandy. Into the final run, and Chris pulled out another half a lap to win by around 3.5laps. Woody and Sandy had a good battle, but Woody on the faster Green lane, to Sandy on Blue,  managed to overhaul and beat Sandy by just over 1 lap. Brian recovered to beat Greg and finish 7th




Heat Red Blue Green Yellow            
1 Graham 30.83 Greg 29.47 Ralph 32.51 Mick 32.69   1 Chris T 34.19 36.47 36.47
2     Brian 32.53 Bob 34.88 Chris A 35.59   2 Chris A 33.48 35.59 35.59
3 Ben 32.26 Sandy 33.31 Chris T 36.47 Woody 31   3 Ben 32.26 34.93 34.93
                    4 Bob 32.73 34.88 34.88
4 Ralph 31.32 Mick 31.76 Graham 30.75 Greg 26.81   5 Sandy 33.31 33.16 33.31
5 Bob 32.73 Chris A 33.48     Brian 0   6 Mick 31.76 32.69 32.69
6 Chris T 34.19 Woody 32.04 Ben 34.93 Sandy 33.16   7 Brian 32.53 0 32.53
                    8 Ralph 31.32 32.51 32.51
                    9 Woody 32.04 31 32.04
                    10 Graham 30.83 30.75 30.83
                    11 Greg 29.47 26.81 29.47

After a lunch break, Dave had left as he didnt have anymore cars to race and Brian who wasn't feeling very well, departed after one of his heats, leaving 10 drivers for the F1 finals. it was decided to run with a bottom group of 4 and then 2 groups of 3 to help with the marshalling. Chris T top qualified, with the only driver to record 36 laps and was met in the top group by Chris A and Ben. Bob, Sandy and Mick made up the B group, With Ralph Woody, Graham and Greg in the C.



The C group was a really close race between Woody and Greg, only separated by less than a lap, Ralph was also hot on their heels, just over a lap down on Woody's score. Graham still trying to adapt to the new track was a further lap down on Ralph. Sandy then set the pace for the A finalists, by dominating the B group to beat Bob by 12 laps, Mick had all sorts of issues to record only 113 laps. Chris T, set the pace in the A final to lead by nearly 2 laps after the first run, the only driver with prognosis to beat Sandy. Half way and Chris T had extended his lead, with Chris A and Ben trading places for 2nd and 3rd in the race, but still off Sandy's pace. Seg 3 and with Chris T moving to Green, recorded another 36laps to move further away at the top. Chris A pulled out a lap on Ben with Ben been on the slower Red Lane. During the lane change for the final segment, Sandy was jokingly trying to work out how to knobble Chris T's car to give herself the win. after 2 mins her wish came true as Chris's car came coasting down the main straight and stopped.. after inspection the pinion had moved giving no mesh between the pinion and gear.. Chris A and Ben carried on to pace Chris T's score, but neither did enough to beat Sandy. Chris T, even though only recorded 22 laps, still managed to hold onto 4th overall.



Heat Red Blue Green Yellow            
1 Mick 31.78 Ralph 32.24 Bob 38.21 Graham 37.48   1 Chris T 39.56 43.07 43.07
2 Greg 31.67 Chris A 37.67     Woody 42.85   2 Woody 40.09 42.85 42.85
3 Sandy 37.66 Chris T 39.56 Ben 41.48       3 Ben 0 41.48 41.48
4                   4 Sandy 37.66 41.06 41.06
5 Bob 24 Graham 35.11 Mick 36.62 Ralph 36.62   5 Chris A 37.67 40.81 40.81
6     Woody 40.09 Greg 31.11 Chris A 40.81   6 Bob 24 38.21 38.21
7 Ben 0     Sandy 41.06 Chris T 43.07   7 Graham 35.11 37.48 37.48
8                   8 Ralph 32.24 36.62 36.62
                    8 Mick 31.78 36.62 36.62
                    10 Greg 31.67 31.11 31.67

The heats saw Chris T TQ again with the first ever person to record 43 laps in 3mins, Woody and Ben made up the A group, even though Ben got very worried in the last heat, when only Chris T and Sandy raced, with Chris towing Sandy round to record a run 40 parts short of Bens first score. so with Snady, Chris A and Bob in the B group again, with Graham, Ralph, Mick and Greg in the C.. Greg was a bit of the pace as he was only using his GP12 Saloon from the morinng with a sports body.


Mick set the pace in group C, by beating Graham by 5 laps, who beat ralph by 6.. Greg did 135, 6 laps more than he had done in the morning with his saloon body. Sandy again won the B group by 5 laps (could lightning strike twice in one day??) beating Chris A and Bob, who both beat Mick's score. into the A group and woody recorded a epic 44 laps in the first segment, 4 laps up on Chris T and 6 laps up on Ben.. This is how the positions stopped throughout the who run, although Chris T, did pull back two laps back over the last 3 segments. Ben did just enough to beat Sandy's score.